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Clean Rooms, Clean Hearts

Kralupy is a highly atheistic town north of Prague, Czech Republic. Yet there I was in the TEAM ministry space having just spent some time in prayer and preparation for the day's activities, when there was a knock on the door, not on the outside door but on an inside door which has restricted access.  As I opened it, I was surprised to see the building’s cleaning lady with a disturbed look on her face.  After greeting each other she began to explain that she was very confused about who God is and was wondering if I might have time to talk to her about God! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! 

That was the first time I can ever recall anyone ever asking to talk about God – and especially in such an atheistic land!  Believe it or not I told here that didn't have time right then but if she would come back tomorrow I would be available. So the next day, as agreed, she returned and she began sharing her story about what she had been taught and what she was reading in the Bible didn’t line up.  As we walked through what the Bible says about God and in particular about Jesus, her expression changed.

Having shared the Gospel with her as part of our discussion, I brought our time together to a close by summarizing God’s invitation to us in the following manner.  Holding a copy of the ‘Case For Christ’ by Lee Stroubel in my hand, I said, ”Jesus offers us the gift of forgiveness and an eternal relationship with him forever. It is ours if we believe and receive it.” Barely had I gotten the words out of my mouth, when she grabbed the book out of my hand and said, “I want it!”  

From that day on our conversations have been different. When she has time, she stops by and we talk about what she is reading in the Bible. Pray with us that some day soon she may connect with a group of believers and continue to grow in her new faith.

- Jeff Griffith

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