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Making Disciples Along the Way

Have you ever wondered how to make disciples as you go, especially with your kids? Imagine you’re on a walk with me and my son, Josh.                  

As we walked down the road, in front of us was one of the smallest sparrows I’ve ever seen. We came to a stop and stood as still as possible. As we looked at the sparrow, it slowly began hopping toward us. As it did, I drew closer to Josh. "Do you know that the Bible talks about sparrows?", I asked. Surprised Josh looked at me and replied, "Really?”

“Yep.  In one place Jesus was teaching his disciples and said that even though a sparrow is sold for about 5 cents in the market, nothing happens to them that God the Father doesn’t know about. So if God is so concerned about a tiny little sparrow, how much more do you think He is concerned about you?”

With astonishment in his voice Josh said, “Wow!” 

As we continued to stand there the tiny sparrow hopped almost within hand’s reach and then flew away. When we got home, Josh had to tell the story to his brother and mother. Josh learned a great lesson about how God cares for him and I learned that if we slow down, we can see great teaching opportunities open up right before us during the normal activities of our lives.

- Jeff Griffith

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