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You Never Know Where God May Lead

I have always had a heart and burden for missions, but I didn't always know where I fit in this big work that God is doing. I felt a burden to pray for the unreached and to give towards missions. I also had a burden to GO but it seemed like such a big task and a difficult road to make happen. Sometimes I felt as though I was a fish swimming against the current even in many Christian settings. Although, I did feel like pursuing steps towards the mission field was simply me being obedient to a burden..., no, a command that God had put on my heart.

Just 7 months ago, I was living a normal American life in my home in Illinois, while slowly pursuing going to the mission field. But on 3/24/13, I attended a prayer meeting here in Czech Republic similar to prayer meetings that I have attended back in the States.  Although this was not just any prayer meeting, there were three missionaries and three Czech believers. We met in a small preschool in an area of Prague that has 100,000 people living in it, almost all of who don't believe in God. Even more, there is NOT ONE Evangelical church in this area. This was the first prayer meeting at a location that we are praying will soon become a church and a Gospel witness to these people who currently have no hope. To be at this prayer meeting was surreal, exciting, and extremely humbling. Just 7 months ago, I could have never imagined God would chose me and work through my little step of obedience to help be part of His Gospel witness where there currently is not.

- Matt Titus

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